Help Needed: Semi Trailer, POD or a large strong vinyl shelter needed…

Destiny Point is in need of a semi trailer, POD or a few large strong vinyl shelters in which to hold all their things in until they are able to move into the home that is being remodeled in Blenker.  The semi in which we currently are storing things is needed by the owner.  The owner has graciously lent it to us for approximately a year.  Due to the many obstacles of state requirements, finding volunteers and supplies, and raising funds we will probably need something to store our stuff in for another 6 months or longer. Our hope is to find something to keep on our land so that we can unload as the house is getting completed.  If interested, know someone, have other ideas, or need information, please email us at:, or call us at 715-824-5872.  Thank you.


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