Selling Coupon Books Today and Tomorrow At Younkers in Plover!

Coupon Books are still available! We will be at Younkers in Plover from 3-5pm today (Friday) and 4-6pm tomorrow. Your $5 purchase will not only give you a great book with a $10 coupon and $400 in other great buys!….BUT also help Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home with some much needed funds for the program and the cost of renovating our 1892 house that was donated to us! Sign up at our table for the door prize drawing…1 pound of Bob’s Famous Fudge! Thank you to everyone that has helped us to continue helping hurting women and their families!  We sold approximately 130 books…raising $650 so far! Our goal is 175 books, that’s only 45 books to go! Please feel free to share with others in the area!





For more information about the booklets visit the community days website.  Booklets can be used at not only Younkers, but also Bon=Ton, Elder Bermanns, Boston Store and many more!

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