We Need Your Help: Blow-In Insulation Needed

We have an urgent need and we need your help:  The home that was donated to Destiny Point is totally uninsulated, and in Wisconsin the winters get pretty cold.  We need approximately 2,600 cubic feet or almost 49, 000 square feet of Blow-in fiberglass insulation.  If about 700 people donated a bag of 65 sq ft R30 Fiberglass blow-in insulation, we would have enough to insulate the whole house!  The cost is between $26-$30.  And can get approx. 120 Sq ft per bag to insulate the walls.  Right now (today’s the last day for sale) Menards has it ultra-comfort blown-in fiberglass insulation on sale for $24 and then there is a $4 rebate by ordering online. Go to http://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/insulation/loose-fill/ultra-comfort-blown-in-fiberglass-insulation/p-1655710-c-5777.htm.  They will ship it to the Menards store in Marshfield or Plover WI for free, give our name phone #715-818-8391 to call when they receive it.  (zip code needed for ordering: 54449)  If unable to donate a bag of insulation or order online, we would be glad to accept a financial donation, and then place an online order through Menards!  You can also donate on Destiny Point Website by going to  Donate.  Please share this with others you know! If every one of our connections bought a bag and shared the post with someone who bought a bag, we would have enough to insulate the whole house!  Thank you so much!

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1 Response to We Need Your Help: Blow-In Insulation Needed

  1. James Defranco says:

    Wow, the whole house was not insulated, huh? I find it crazy that it wasn’t even remotely insulated and that sucks you had to deal with a cold winter! Definitely hope that you find enough people to donate insulation for you, then you can finally be warm! http://brandxmetals.com/products/diamond-furr/3-inch-c-i-system/diamond-furr-3-ci-sys-os-corner-detail


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