WISH LIST Jan-Feb 2013


fluorescent light bulbs Equivalent to 60 or 100 Walts

Financial donations for a new transmission in one of the vans and brakes and exhaust in the other

8-10 camera wireless security system with motion sensors and night vision

gift cards for grocery shopping

Donations to our paypal account (by going to destinypoint.org) to by textbooks, workbooks, DVDs and other much needed class room materials

gas cards especially BP because we can get gas cheaper at the BP in Rudolph

laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper, Kleenex

garbage bags (13 gal and 30/40 gal)

40-50 gal Trash can with wheels

disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray


canned/boxed foods

Stevia – natural sweetener

clumping kitty litter

Thank you cards and stamps

Advil (or generic brand)

latex/vinyl disposable gloves  (size Med – Lg)

vitamins: Multi, D, B, C, Calcium, Melatonin

2 line cordless phone (with an extension phone if possible.

pastel colored computer paper and card stock

Fleet Farm gift cards for auto repairs and house repair items

Visa Debit cards to help ladies with health care and dental deductibles, medications, vet bills, etc.

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