Our nine bedroom home offers a residential program free of charge to help women over 17 years old overcome issues such as Drug/Alcohol abuse, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, sexual and physical abuse, co-dependency, depression and other life controlling issues. Destiny Point non-profit faith-based program provides a holistic approach in an environment conducive to life changing transformation.

Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home resides in Rudolph Wisconsin and is unique in many ways. Many women face alcohol and drug abuse issues every day. Many of these women are also dealing with the consequences of having been physically and/or sexually abused and experience eating disorders, self-harm tendencies, low self-esteem and have had suicidal tendencies at one-time or another in their lives. There are limited inpatient programs for women that provide treatment for unhealthy lifestyles and AODA issues, and temporary shelters, but virtually no programs for women that provide long-term recovery that use a holistic approach to healing. Inpatient programs that are available in this area have short-term programming (generally 30 days) which provides enough time for treatment but not transformation. Destiny Point’s long-term residential program (minimum of 7 months) provides the environment needed for total life changing transformation.

We work with County and state officials to offer our program as an option for first-time offenders or an ATR.  They are also encouraged to speak to their clients about using Destiny Point as a wonderful transition back into society.  Probation and Parole Offices, DAs, churches, attorneys, ADOA treatment facilities, social workers, shelters, half-way houses, and concerned families and friends are referring women to our program. Women from Illinois and throughout Wisconsin have participated in our program.   Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home is not affiliated with any one church and is governed by a Board of Directors.  Women willingly choose to come to Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home voluntarily and cannot be court ordered to attend. Any woman who is here other than for her own healing, will not persevere through this program, and/or may be asked to leave.

Goals and Objectives of Destiny Point are to provide a safe, healthy and structured environment with programming designed to address the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the students while also teaching women to make healthier life-style choices. All students participate fully in the program, as well as specific programming for each individual based on her needs and behaviors. We provide shelter, food, clothing, education, lifestyle awareness classes, bible studies, counseling, mentors, and support.  Our main goal is to help her obtain a transformation of healing that begins from the inside – out, unlike behavior modification that begins from the outside – in.  We believe that identifying and resolving the deep underlying causes of unhealthy behavioral choices will result in life-changing transformation.  In the belief that each person is created for a special purpose, Destiny Point strives to provide programs that help each woman, child and unborn child fulfill their God-given destiny. We continually seek to provide the environment needed for total life changing transformation.

Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home is modeled after Mercy Ministries of America (a residential program for women dealing with most life-controlling issues) and Teen Challenge International (a drug and alcohol residential transformation program).

All Destiny Point students participate in the general classes, as well as specific programming for each individual based on her needs and behaviors. Aside from the classes, the program provides an opportunity to begin to obtain their G.E.D., participate in formal and informal support groups, and in recreational and volunteering opportunities.  Volunteering provides them with the wonderful opportunity to step outside themselves to help and serve others, and in a small way, it helps to give back to the community for all the support that we receive.  All classes are biblically based (the major reason why we will not receive Government or State funding).   Classes at Destiny Point focus on; boundaries, character building, renewing the mind, integrity, communication, growing through failure, body image and wellness, attitudes, forgiveness, parenting, self-esteem, leadership, prayer and biblical studies, healthy relationships, independent living skills, financial planning, goal setting, authentic love, and freedom from rejection and shame.  We also network with other organizations in the community (Churches, CAP services, Health and Human Services, Center for Human Development, etc.) to provide women with other resources.  As they progress in their healing and overcoming unhealthy and addictive behaviors, they’ll attend a national 16 session (48 hour) program call Jobs for Life which helps them develop core work readiness skills such as a vocational plan and resume, learning effective interviewing skills and integrity in the work force. Students will go on mock interviews with employers at area businesses.  The employers volunteer their time to interview and provide a personal evaluation of the student’s strengths and suggestions about how to improve upon their weaknesses.  Connections with area employees and community services are also made through the Jobs For Life program.

Prior to graduation, their future goals and living environment are thoroughly addressed.  Destiny Point will work with families, area organizations, churches, and businesses to help our graduates achieve further training/education, jobs, and a safe and supportive environment to stay after graduation.   Many students choose to remain in the area, because of the positive support system that has been established throughout their stay at Destiny Point.  Some graduates are connected with a host family to stay with for several months after graduation, which provides them with accountability, and the opportunity to continue their education, work and save money so that they’ll be prepared to obtain a residence of their own.  All graduates are provided a mentor, and plugged into a church within the area that they will be residing in.  Graduates will continue to be connected to Destiny Point for counseling, mentoring, support and classes and are also invited to attend conferences and other activities with the students.

In comparing the costs of other opportunities available for women to the Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home…there is no comparison.  It costs taxpayers $5,000 for a woman to stay in a county jail for a month. A 28-day stay at an alcohol and drug rehab program costs between $6,000 to $29,000. And a 30-day eating disorder program, up to $20,000 a month. When the money or insurance runs out, most programs immediately discharge them no matter how much help they have received. Monthly cost for a woman to go through Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home: $1,500 – $1,800. This cost is equivalent to Teen Challenge programs in the Mid-West.  Due to our 501(c)(3) non-profit program being faith-based, funding sources are limited. The majority of funding is through the generous donations of businesses, organizations, churches, individuals and the remainder through fundraisers. Other future sources will be from grants, and we may be able to obtain some funding through Health and human services.  Aside from a small administrative fee Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home provides this program free of charge to any woman desiring and choosing to change her circumstances.

One of the future goals of Destiny Point is to open a larger facility that is able to accommodate families, and have a transitional living complex, to accommodate graduates up to a year after graduating. The other goal is to open other Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Homes/Centers in Wisconsin and eventually in other states.

Volunteers are needed with fundraising, grant writing, office help, public relations, newsletters, website, and other areas as needed.

For more information find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Destiny-Point-Womens-Restoration-Home/207595219278664

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