Letter From The Founder

“She came to Destiny Point with 2 boxes, everything she owned… one shoe, some clothes, and a few pictures. Jen, with a heart of stone, came from jail. You see, her parole officer took a chance by offering her a” religious” program. Jen had a hard life, hated everyone and God. At some point in her life she decided, “no one was ever going to hurt me again!”…
Women come to Destiny Point with different issues, but they all have the same things in common… shame, rejection, bitterness and no hope, as you’ll see in Ali’s story:
Alison, 24 years old, always happy…on the outside. Everyone likes Ali! She was a people pleaser, wanting to be liked, never to disappoint. Her addiction to drugs and heroin soon led her down a path of self-destruction and destroyed family bonds. She tried several treatment facilities, always relapsing. She lost all hope when her boyfriend died of an overdose while sleeping next to her…
Women are waiting to come to Destiny Point, but we need your help! Our need is urgent! Without further funds we are limited to a few women at a time. There are no other long-term residential programs in Central and Northern Wisconsin for women to turn to, and very few programs provided free of charge to the women across the USA.  The cost for a woman to go through Destiny Point’s program is only $50 per day. Other facilities cost several hundred a day. 
The path to healing begins with rebuilding their foundation from the inside-out. Please consider partnering with us so more women can be helped to find the healing that Jen found:
…Jen had a chip on her shoulder. After a few months of showing her God’s love and helping her to see her self worth, Jen realized that we would not give up on her and her heart started to change. Today Jen has a smile on her face and love in her heart! She has her own apartment, completed a management training program, attends church, and is the Manager of an area business.
Approximately 30 women have come through the doors of Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Center. Many lives have been changed. Your support helps us to continue to provide a renewed hope that Alison found:
…After coming to Destiny Point, Alison began changing on the inside, she began loving and excepting herself for who God has made her to be. Today, Alison is a leader. She just finished her 1st semester at College with all “A”s and has goals and dreams for her future. Best of all, she is gaining back the trust of her family…Her mom says with a tear in her eye, “after 14 years, I have my daughter back!”

Donations are tax deductible and can be paid by credit/debt cards, check, cash, one-time or monthly. Donations can also be made by Electronic Transfer by emailing us at destiny@destinypoint.org for the form!

The staff, board members, and students a very thankful to everyone who has, donated, prayed and/or volunteered. Thank you for your support!

May God bless you now and forever!

Julie Worzella

Feel free to call or email for more information. 715-344-2391, destiny@destinypoint.org.
Destiny Point, Inc., Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Center, and Destiny Point Women’s Restoration Home are exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Tax Code. EIN 20-8269305.

One Students testimony while she was approx 1/2 way through the program:


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2 Responses to Letter From The Founder

  1. Tammy Burr says:

    Hi! The website looks very nice! What a tool for pointing people to Destiny Point! Praise God for such a place for hurting women can find hope, healing & new or renewed relationship with Jesus Christ! God’s blessings in abundance for the ministry!


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